Aura Speaker

Have you always wanted your speakers to be more beautiful, sounded unforgettable and easy to use? We have. There are thousands of wireless Bluetooth speakers out there polluting the market.  Most people have a couple of different Bluetooth speakers laying around.  We wanted to create something that is different that kept getting better over time. With Aura you can order custom artwork from select artists from Richmond, VA while listening to HI-Fi music streaming from your phone.


Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Design renderings into videos and images
  • Acoustic design and simulation using finite element analysis
  • Acoustic Measurements using RoomEQ and Sound Check
  • PCB Design and hardware testing
  • Final assembly of the acoustic enclosure, amplification board, batteries, and speakers

Project Status

The project is completed and can be purchased through

The final product is the Aura Speaker. A fully wireless Hi-Fi speaker that streams music from an iPhone and Android devices alike using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard with the highest streaming quality available.  The resonator board on top is custom designed to radiate sound in all directions and add natural wood resonance to the acoustics.  The variety of woods chosen for the speaker are American Maple Ambrosia, Walnut and Babinga. Each one is handmade with meticulous attention to details.  The artwork is also handmade by Richmond, Virginia based visual artists including, Miles Hall, Shawn Yu, Juliana Phung, Travis Helmkamp and more. The speakers were exhibited at the Working Artists’ Lyceum in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition.

Design and Rendering

In the Making

The folks at Acoustas and Ultimate Woodworks RVA had an exciting and interesting project they were working on for an art opening in the Historic Scott’s Addition in Richmond, Virginia.

Working with 7 extraordinary artists and designers mostly from VCU we created something truly incredible for your eyes and your ears.  Something useful and sexy.

Got the pleasure to collaborate with a very creative and talented woodworking design shop (Ultimate Wood Works)

We worked through the night, until and throughout the night before the delivery date to deliver the very best sounding and looking stunning.  All this to make the nicest possible versions of the Aura Speakers. We brought 6 custom made Aura Speakers for the show on the delivery date.

  • Helped with the Acoustic Design of the inline speakers from the enclosure design to ports and waveguides.
  • Tonewood prototyping for exciting and channeling acoustics
  • Designed custom audio filters and amplification and measured the speaker to tune the digital signal processor.
  • Integrated custom Bluetooth control to the speaker from iPhones of android devices with the custom branding form the Bluetooth signal.  When users search for Bluetooth a custom brand name of our customer displayed.

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