Melody- G

This is the Acoustas Melody-G wireless acoustic guitar microphone system.  It’s wireless mic that actually reproduces the true sound of your acoustic guitar. The Melody-G is a one of a kind microphone designed specifically to be used inside of an acoustic guitar.

Whether you play classical, dobro, acoustic lap steel, or a traditional acoustic guitar, the Melody-G will amplify in with the highest audio fidelity and loudness level.  The wood, the strings, even the way you play the instrument will dictate how it sounds through this mic system, and it’s wireless allowing for the movement around the stage or venue.

Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Design Research
  • Design renderings
  • Acoustic design and simulation using finite element analysis
  • PCB Design and hardware testing
  • Final assembly and manufacturing

Project Status

The project is completed and can be purchased through

Melody-G is designed for playing acoustic guitar live with the purest acoustic sound, with ease of use and be amplified loud enough to be heard.  The biggest project goal was to give the ability for guitarists to move around and have the highest quality sound be heard by the crowed.  With a quick installation inside the acoustic guitar Melody-G can be added.  The installation doesn’t harm your guitar and can be removed without leaving a mark. Melody-G offers amplification of a custom internal microphone and a piezo style contact microphone such as the GX100.


In the Making

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