Melody M

Melody-M by Acoustas is an internal accordion microphone system to amplify during a live performance.  It comes in three different models Mx7HD, Mx11HD and Mx14HD.  The smallest one Mx7HD accommodated smaller accordions while the Mx7HD and Mx14HD are for medium and large accordions. The Mx7HD features two microphones on the right side and one on the left.  The Mx11HD and Mx14HD come with three microphones on the right and one on the left for bass. They all come with independent volume controls for each side of the microphones.


Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Microphone Research and Development
  • PCB Prototyping
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Analog Microphone Assembly
  • Acoustic Testing

Project Status

The project is completed and can be purchased through

The original Melody-M accordion microphone system came in three different models to accommodate different sizes and types of accordions. The goal of this project was to design an internal microphone system that can amplify an accordion seamlessly for the player.  Working closely with Acoustas Co. and accordion players we designed a system that sounds true to the instrument.  It is easy to install and can fit into most accordions.  The installation of this microphone is done by an accordion repair person with detailed instructions to get the best possible sound.  The Melody-M sold hundreds of units in over 18 countries before it was updated to the newer version.

In the Making

Bellow is one of the first raw recordings on the Melody-M on a Modern accordion with the microphone system model Mx11HD. It is performed by Tony Kwapis who is an extraordinary accordionist. He played with and studied from the great Tony Dennon. Tony Dannon was a legendary accordion jazz player in USA. He played with the best, taught amazing students over the years, and released many great jazz books & recordings.


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