Wireless Microphone Design

The GX1 is a wireless microphone by Acoustas Co. and is a beautiful and versatile amplification option for acoustic instruments. It is a small wireless device that can be attached to musical instruments for live performances so that you can be heard clearly and as loudly as you want. The wireless system features a lossless wireless transition standard that can go as far as 300 feet depending on the environment with the highest definition audio possible. It comes in American Maple Ambrosia, Walnut and Bubinga woods along with laser cut acrylic. The receiver is USB based that is powered so you can record directly to a Mac or computer and has XLRs or 1/4inch connectors.


Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Product Research
  • Wireless circuit design
  • Embedded wireless antenna design
  • Custom lossless and wireless audio protocol
  • Analog and digital 7 layer PCB design and simulation
  • Hardware prototyping and testing
  • Final PCB assembly and manufacturing
  • Laser cutting and engraving the enclosure
  • Final assembly of the product

Project Status

The Gx1 is an ongoing project that is custom built to order.  Custom sound tuning per instrument and engravings are available.  The GX1 can be purchased through https://www.acoustas.com

The microphone is a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) device that has a great dynamic range with low noise and variable sensitivity.  What that allows for is a very versatile mic that can go into a number of acoustic instruments or be right outside to record a couple people playing.



DJ Williams played with GX1 at Richmond Audio Gear Event(RAGE) 2015


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