Electronics Engineering

Electronics Design Services

From proof-of-concept to manufacturing, we integrate both hardware and software into functional Alpha prototypes. Learning from Alpha prototypes we further develop a design that is optimized for manufacturing. We also work on existing circuit designs in order to update them.

We specialize in verity of sensors, audio transducers, battery technology, wireless tech, and the Internet of Things(IoT) devices.

When it comes to electrical design, we use our own in-house software, called ProtoCap and ProtoLay, to draw schematics and configure the components of a circuit. We also work with existing designs from popular programs like Altium and Eagle.

IoT/Smart Devices

New cutting edge technologies available today are enabling a new level of productivity, reliability and security. Now more than ever people rely on remote technologies to make smarter choices and do more with what they have. From collecting sensor data and sending it via cellular or WiFi to interactive built in AMOLED touchscreen controls, our IoT design solutions are right on par with the most advanced technologies available. We design solid electronics hardware and software for our customers, now including the mobile and web applications.


Sensor Technologies

Lava Lab circuit designs are based on industries best practices and standards for reliable and secured data transmitting from sensors to AWS cloud database. This allows us and therefore our clients to work with data through web applications or native apps. We work with Cellular 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth NRF and custom wireless networks to transfer live and stored data from remote and distributed sensors in the field. We work with the following sensors:

  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Light-Related and Vision
  • Ultrasonic, Proximity and ToF
  • Magnetic
  • Chemical detection


Wireless Devices

Lava Labs specializes in wireless electronic device prototyping and circuit board development. We look at all the parameters including detailed specifications of the project to design the type of hardware that can handle the data volume and speed needed. We are focused on creating efficient and stable circuit designs that can accommodate WiFi, Celular and Bluetooth signals for connecting to electronic or mobile devices. 


Power Systems

Battery management systems are very important to be designed well. We study every product design specification very carfully and most of the time will have back and forth questions/communication of the specification for different case uses. Does it need to be on all-day device, will it need to be charges onese a day or once a month? Currently the mijority of our design is with Lithium Ion Batteries that need to be charged and be durable and last for a very long time. We also design around primary cell batteries for much longer storage life, 


Audio Circuits

At Lava Labs we have a very special place in our hearts for music and audio circuits and audio electronics, acoustics and electronomacanical systems. We contribute solid design In electronics in the field of music, pro audio, and acoustics technologies. Picture by Boredbrain 


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