AWS IoT Core Data Architecture 

AWS IoT Core is a cloud based service that lets us design and connect electronics devices securely that interact with cloud applications and other devices. Our team has deep knowledge in the database architecture with the AWS IoT Core.  With AWS IoT Core, our custom designed web applications and native apps can keep track of and communicate with sensors and actuators all the time, even when they aren’t connected. We specialize in Amazon services like AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon DynamoDB and Alexa Voice Service to build IoT applications that gather, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices.


IoT Embedded Solutions

Lava Labs provides real-time monitoring of remote sensors and actuators along with  control of devices or process by integrating electromechanical hardware and software. In our embedded circuits designs, we use cutting edge system-on-chip(SOC) processors and wireless connectivity chip-sets that empower us to build salable and secure platforms for IoT devices.

At Lava Labs we develop mission-critical applications for mild and extreme environments that require utmost reliability and up-time. 
Use diverse applications and components to drive performance and innovation (e.g., sensors, cameras, motion controllers, etc.)
Leverage leading-edge design and innovation technologies to create new features and applications (e.g., Internet of Things [IoT] capabilities, etc.)
Prototype rapidly for accelerated feedback, updates and improvements. 

USB and Wireless Development

In the last 10 years we have worked on almost every type of USB protocol to send and receive data, and charge other deceives via USB. Currently the most popular one as of 2020 is USB-C going into the future.  Lots of new devices are now standard with USB-C. WIth it we generally reduces the number of plugs needed to send and revive data, furthermore allowed for a larger voltage and current can be applied if needed. This is to charge faster and more efficiently of electronic devices.  Transforming a design from lots of wires everwere to one, nice wire with potential for sending more data as needed. 

Microcontrollers and Processors

Choosing the right processor or even microcontroller for the application is key to getting an IoT of the ground through to manufacturing. Over the years we have worked with Arduino, ResberyPie, Nordic, ARM, AMD, TI and many more.

LED Lighting Control

When you want to know how much battery life is still available in an IoT device there are options we offer in the electronics design that are best suited for each project.  One common option is to have 3-5 LEDs showing the battery life left or charging state. We can very the light intensity, frequency and color. We also often design power(On/Off), digital or analog signal strength and activity LEDs.

Alexa Skills and Voice Control

There are a couple different ways we integrate electronic devices with Alexa. We use the Alexa Connect Kit(ACK) and the Alexa Gadgets Tookits. The ACK we use in the design and development of electronics includes voice control via Alexa and with mobile devices through applications. This enables our clients to create, edit and manage virtual products.  A virtual product via Alexa can be tied to a physical hardware device to control or enquire about sensors, actuators and other IoT devices.

Embedded Firmware

Our in-house firmware and driver development team works on many different devices. We commonly develop firmware for USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, SD Card Readers, Wireless Power Modules and Sensors.


Consumer Electronics

Pro Audio




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