Temperature monitoring: Temperature sensors provide valuable data for continuously tracking thermal conditions, and provide feedback to control systems. This can be system temperature monitoring or environmental temperature monitoring.

Temperature protection: Some applications require an action to be triggered once the system goes above or below functional temperature thresholds. Temperature sensors provide output alerts upon the detection of defined conditions to prevent system damage. When the system goes above or below functional temperature thresholds, engineers can autonomously initiate actions for real-time protection.

Temperature compensation: Temperature sensors can maximize the performance of a system as temperature changes during normal operations.


Humidity sensors integrate sensor elements plus signal processing on a tiny footprint and provide a fully calibrated digital output. Our circuit designs and electronics provide high accuracy measurement capability for a wide range of environmental monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. From having extremely limited power supply to integrating humidity sensing in a very small size design, to having a reliable linear sensor in extremely wet environments, we have done it and have just the right solutions for each case or combination.


Our ToF and LiDAR designs are fully integrated precision light measurement vision systems. We design devices that can detect light across a wide spectrum of wavelengths. From schematic to PCB we make precise light sensing circuits for cost-optimized systems using ambient light and ToF sensors. This is useful for automated systems to turn on/off services and activities according to what is needed. These days and near future the common design practices with light sensing circuits are to be accessible, monitored and controlled via mobile apps and on device controls. Some light sensing circuits implementations are built into IoT and wearable devices that are self contained and powered. They are stationary and mobile devices we design. Using current and updated technologies we design plug in and rechargeable devices that can sense light and communicate data through Cellular 4G (5G ready), WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Our vision circuitry design and time-of-flight development tools enable the next generation of optical sensing systems for factory automation, building automation and appliances. Fully customize every aspect of your design using our PCB design with time of flight chip sets in your long-range distance measurements, obstacle detection or collision avoidance applications.


Ultrasonic sound waves are vibrations at a frequency above the range of human hearing that can travel through a variety of mediums such as air or fluids to detect objects and measure their distance – without making physical contact. Ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect a wide variety of materials regardless of shape, transparency or color. Ultrasonic ToF sensors use sound waves above the 20 kHz range to detect objects in proximity. Picture credit: STMicroelectronics

  • Proximity sensing
  • Camera autofocus and Video assist
  • Vacuum cleaners, service robots and toys for wall following, cliff detection, collision avoidance
  • Hover / landing assistance for drones
  • Home appliances: Ambient light sensing, gesture recognition for light management, automatic doors control
  • Special power-saving presence detection mode enables innovative auto-sleep/wake-on-approach use cases for PCs, notebooks and IoT devices


Our low power design with cost-optimized electronics solutions for magnetic position and magnetic current sensing make it possible to build high quality systems.   Whether detecting the proximity of a magnet (on/off switching), performing rotational calculations, or precise, low-drift current measurement, our Hall effect sensor and magnetic current designs will provide reliable and accurate measurement data for your product.


Consumer Electronics

Pro Audio




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