The future is wireless and we are excited about it, less clutter and seamless intergation. There are many wireless communication options to choose from such as WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular or NRF.  We help our clients choose the right technologies for each application including system-on-chip architecture that can accommodate multiple protocols in one chip. Our multilayer circuit design and understanding or RF signals and signal processing allows us to design stable communication for a verity of antennas options. From integrating the antenna directly into the PCB, to external parts that go onto the PCB via standard parts or paper thin external antennas.  Every application has it’s own specifications and recommend the latest tested technologies available to send and receive data wirelessly.

Bluetooth 4.2/5.0

Connecting electronics that are sensors, speakers, microphones to mobile devices via apps has never been easier, almost trivial and accepted by the users across the world. With the introduction of Low Energy Bluetooth in Bluetooth 4.0 and improvements made with Bluetooth 5.0, many more new devices can now use it for days, weeks and even months without recharging. The newest chipsets available together with our circuit design we offer the latest version of Bluetooth 5.x capabilities including dual audio including atpX, longer operational distance (up to 800 feet) and speeds (up to 2Mbps). 

WiFi (2.4/5GHz)

When electronic devices such as sensors, actuators and data acquisition systems need a way to send data over a WIFi network with small or larger file data streams over longer distance than Bluetooth, WiFi is good option in lots of cases. It can be secured with HTTPS encryption for safer communication with AWS. It is especially useful when the data is sent to mobile devices that interact with an AWS or Google databases, web application or other native applications. Wifi is also great for consumer IoT products that do something useful and allow for control via mobile devices and or web applications. Image credit: Cervais Inc.

Cellular & NB-IoT

4G or 5G that is the question. Currently there are some very good options for 4G cellular connectivity design for IoT devices with low and medium data size streams. For high bandwidth 4G is also very capable with Verizon and T-Mobile but are not as fast as theoretical 5G speeds at full capability.  The 5G chipsets are available to us but as of April 28th 2019 they are still in early development if and when available, and the infrastructure is not yet ready to test.  Also there are other satellite internet options coming online very soon suck as Starlink for internet everywhere.  We will have development chipsets available  for electronics design that communicate with the most optimal network avabale. Most of the time we work with 4G Verizon IoT program, IoT Core and AWS database to build applications.


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Power Transmission (Qi)

Wireless charging capabilities have become more stable and more common in the  market place. It can be convenient to use with no wire, no hassle approach. Other times it is the only way to charge a battery in an environment that is wet or industrial. Qi is an open interface standard charging protocol and it is by no means perfect, it has issues still in 2020. However, there have been many improvements to the avaable parts like coils and other parts to it and it is very important to know what standards the chipset we use for our client use. Knowing the advantages like safe fast wireless charging when available and limitationtions like heat generation, we can select with our clients the right bill of materials for prototpyting. Development of wireless Qi charging electronic systems, the process has become a lot smoother over ther years through engineering and experemetation with the Qi standard at Lava Labs.


Consumer Electronics

Pro Audio




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