Photography credit to Peter Beliaev Photography

Lightweight wooden sunglasses made in USA. The glasses were laser cut from a verity of woods such as Bubinga, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Wenge and Mahogany.  There were two models made one for woman and one for man the Belle Ale and Manchester respectfully were named after two meaningful locations in Richmond, Virginia. Laser cutting and laser inlay techniques were used to make these high quality glasses. A collaboration between Lava Labs, an apparel company and a wood shop lead to the creating of these wooden glasses.

Lava Lab’s Contribution

  • Laser cutting and engraving wooden parts
  • Prototyping different models of glasses
  • Manufacturing support of the glasses

Project Status

The project is completed however they are no longer being produced.

In the Making

Designing, prototyping and manufacturing luxury wooden glasses was a fun project.  After the design was ready and agreed on with the costumer, together we hand select all the wood for the wood shop to prep it for the right size including length, width and height.  After the wood was prepped we laser cut all the parts form the face frames to the side temples.  Next, we would glue them together in special fixtures made for manufacturing.  When the glue is dry the future glasses were sanded by hand to perfection.  In a paint booth, the painter would spray finish with multiple coats on them.  After that more sanding polishing stations up.  The final step was to fit the Zeiss polarized lenses into the glasses based on the model.  The apparel shop made the linen pouches to package and keep the sunglasses.