About Lava Labs

Lava Labs was founded by Stas Todromovich in April 2011 in Richmond, Virginia. Stas was born in a small resort town in the south of the former Soviet Union and migrated to the United States at the age of 11. Since a very young age, he was very interested in how things were designed and made. For one simple reason, everything at that time in Russia was designed the same for all people.  Things like bicycles, toys, and even homes where all designed and manufactured the same with only one or two models for everything. He thought a lot about the possibilities to be able to shape and mold anything you can imagine.

In 1994, just after the collapse of communism in Russia at the age of 11, he was greatly influenced by music, American car, and movies. When he came to the United States and saw all the different designs of cars, lights, and colors everywhere he looked, he was truly inspired.

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan he always wanted to take things apart to figure out how they worked and how they were made. In his spare time, he spent a great deal of time working on audio and acoustics related projects. At Michigan State University where he received his bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he co-founded a student organization called Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers(AEE). With the help of David Lenz and Dr.Greogory Wierzba

The organization’s main goal was to build new audio gear in teams collaboratively with other students, faculty, and professionals in the industry. AEE is still going strong today after over 10 years from the first meeting. In that time since Stas has worked in the audio and acoustics industry researching and developing new products. In April 2011, Stas started Lava Labs to be a place where people with great ideas and ambition can walk in the front door and walk out soon after with a design or product.

In the past 8 and a half years, we have done just that, we have worked with some amazing people to help move their ideas forward. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we truly care about the success of our clients, so we work hard to deliver quality products for every project. Throughout the project, we keep our clients “in the know” with weekly and even daily updates about our progress.

We serve innovators, startups, and organizations by providing design, digital fabrication, and rapid prototyping services. We excel at designing from the ground up, managing product development from initial architecture through design and development, and transition-to-volume production. We love what we do here at Lava Labs and our work reflects that!