Lava Labs provides physical hardware prototyping and digital fabrication services. Our customers include innovators, designers and engineers from startups and established companies. See just some of our clients on our home page.

We are a dedicated team of technical experts and engineers for hire. Lava Labs provides digital design services  in 2D and 3D technical drawings.  The designs can be used for real to life renderings to be used in presentations and literature. Furthermore, the design can be engineered for manufacturing from 10 to 10,000 units.

We provide digital fabrication services for prototyping utilizing engineering grade 3D printers,  laser-cutters, CNC-machining and injection molding.

Computer Modeling and Rendering

When doing new product development, we work with programs such as Inventor®, SOLIDWORKS®, KeyShot®, Photoshop, AutoCAD®, Fusion 360®, and Sketchup® to design and render future prototypes. After  we create life like rendering from computer models we can start on creating real world prototypes by using digital fabrication. The most common 3D digital fabrication machines are the CNC machine and the 3D printer.  At Lava Labs, we primarily use SLA 3D printers for smaller parts and models while the FDM is used for larger 3D prints.  A variety of material types and colors are available to accommodate the needs of the project. The materials used to 3D print can be durable, flexible, and come in a variety of finishes.  They can also be primed and painted.

Hardware Design

We design, build and test electronic circuits for functional products. In the past 10 years, we have worked on a large variety of projects including sensor technology, battery-charging technology, audio devices, children’s toys, and IoT devices. For electronic and electrical design, we use our own in-house software, ProtoCap and ProtoLay, to draw schematics and piece together the components of a circuit. We also work with existing designs from popular programs like Altium and Eagle.

3D Printing

We use a variety of 3D printers depending on the project needs including our own in-house engineered Saffire 3D Printer, to build custom parts and cases for our clients.

Laser cutting

A laser cutter is a go-to machine when prototyping a physical product. You can cut a plethora of materials at Lava Labs. If you are a designer or have design files, we primarily work with Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and Autocad among other 2D and 3D programs. New product development using the laser is great because it is fast and the parts come out ready to use like they are made for manufacturing.

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